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Whether you’re looking for an expert to advocate for you during an insurance claim, or just simply looking for commercial or residential renovations, Elkpoint Enterprises is your obvious choice. With over 50 years combined experience in the construction industry, we can help you with anything you’re envisioning. Contact us now to get a free inspection for hail damage or estimate for custom work.

Helping You Win The Claim

When you choose Elkpoint Enterprises, you are selecting an experienced organization that has completed hundreds of multi-family, HOA, and commercial claims.

From Start to finish, you will be provided with more than just a company that can install roofs and gutters. We take pride in the fact that we can serve you in every aspect of the claim process.

Starting with a free inspection and a PDF damage assessment report, meeting with the HOA board or owners to discuss a tailor fitted phase plan that is comfortable and efficient to fit the specific needs of the community.

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HAAG Certified Inspector

Rather than arguing with an insurance adjuster on your property, whether or not it has sustained hail damage, we have the same certification that all large loss adjusters are required to have to identify the difference between functional and cosmetic damage.

This is a huge value add to our clients so that we can properly advocate for you and make sure you’re fully indemnified for all aspects of the damage sustained to your property.

We guarantee that we will insure any damage sustained to the property is covered by your insurance carrier.


At Elkpoint Enterprises, we understand the importance of clear communication and setting proper expectations throughout the process. We implement high level technology that is shared across our company platform to ensure an immediate answer to any questions you may have.

We understand the importance of a single point of contact, so you will be provided with a job superintendent who will remain on site for the duration of construction. This includes daily safety meetings, posting notices, safety of the community and quality of installation. Last but not least, making sure the job site is cleft lean every day free from debris and nails.

Elkpoint Seemless Gutters

At Elkpoint Seamless Gutters, we have made a choice to use the highest level of seamless gutter technology available. We use the New Tech Machinery Mach II which enables us to run 5 or 6 inch aluminum gutters, 5 or 6 inch steel gutters, and if you are feeling fancy, we are even capable of running 5 or 6 inch copper gutters! The benefit of using this equipment is that it is a local company which means if there are ever any problems with the machine, it will not slow down the progress of your installation.

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